February 9, 2020

Positive Start

We have had a smooth start to the year, with Year 7 and 12 students commencing last Thursday to undertake a special program for these year levels; and then all students resumed on Friday 31st January.

The first day for our Year 7 students involved rotations between ICT set up, developing their codes of cooperation, relational activities to get to know their new classmates and home group teacher, locker allocation and use of the Resource Hub. A highlight as always was the BBQ lunch with Year 12 students and staff (despite the very hot conditions).

Our Year 12 students spent their first day rotating between sessions on goal setting and study skills, Edrolo and wellbeing. At the start of the day it was fantastic to welcome back some of our high achievers from Year 12 last year who participated in a panel lead by Ms Greenhalgh “on the taste of success”, sharing their strategies for achieving their personal best with the current cohort of Year 12s. Thanks to Will Hampson and Josh Youngson for giving up their time to take part. We look forward to seeing them return, along with some other students from 2019, throughout the year to act as tutors to support our senior students. After the BBQ lunch the whole cohort came together again to listen to motivation speaker, Stan Alves. Stan is a former student who played 226 games for Melbourne and was captain for four years. He also played for North Melbourne and coached St. Kilda in the 90s. Stan is well known on the public speaking circuit and as a commentator on the radio. Stan spoke to students about getting the best out of yourself no matter what your career aspirations are and having no regrets –  “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. It was wonderful to have Stan reconnect with the College and offer his services as a way of giving back to a great school that supported him, many years ago. The students were highly engaged during his presentation and found it most worthwhile.

Thanks to our Year 7 Coordinators, Laura Gorman and Julia Hockey, and Director of Senior School, Jo Greenhalgh, for their organisation of these programs and the staff involved in teaching the sessions for the day.

Ms. Michelle Roberts