August 31, 2015

Premier Daniel Andrews Visits Mordialloc College

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

On Wednesday morning Premier Daniel Andrews and Member for Mordialloc, Tim Richardson, visited Mordialloc College. The Premier was very interested to hear about the progress with our building program and also my vision for the future development of the College as we continue to grow. As we toured the school and visited classrooms, he was genuinely interested in engaging with what was happening in the respective classrooms and to talk to students about what they were learning and how they demonstrate their learning in different ways. Our School Captains, Max, Natalie and Shae also joined us on the tour along with School Council President Nicky Hersey. The Premier was very impressed with the calm orderly environment, the positive feel of the College and our students’ high level of engagement in their learning.

Ms. Michelle Roberts