November 3, 2021

Principal’s Update

Michelle Roberts


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Return to Onsite Learning

It is wonderful to have all students back onsite full time from this week. Congratulations to the majority of students who settled back quickly into the normalcy of school and onsite learning over the staggered return.


With our typical spring weather of a mix of warm and cooler temperatures, I ask that families please ensure students have the correct school jumper or polar fleece to wear to school, as hoodies are not allowed under any circumstances. Any families requiring some financial support to purchase the correct school uniform can contact our Wellbeing team. We do receive donations that we put aside to support our families who may be going through a tough time. There is also a Mordialloc College second hand uniform Facebook page set up by Emma Walker, one of my staff members. A reminder that our Middle School students are permitted to wear their PE uniform for the day (if it is the correct uniform) when they have PE or Sport, to avoid congestion in the change rooms, and with the Gym being out of bounds due to the final Year 12 exams. These are scheduled in the Gym up until Thursday 18 November.

Having Positive Conversations about School with your Child

Parents in partnership with the College can have a significant impact on a child’s achievement. A positive aspect of remote learning over the past two years and parents working from home, was the strengthening of the home school partnership during this time. Parents had the opportunity to see or hear their child’s/children’s face to face lessons delivered via Google Meet providing greater insight into what was happening in our classrooms, support offered by our teachers and education support staff and the expected work to be completed by students.  Now that all students have returned to onsite learning and parents are no doubt enjoying a more peaceful work environment for themselves, I do encourage parents to stay involved in conversations about their child’s/children’s learning. Asking questions that make your child have to think more deeply about the question if they are going to be polite and answer you. Questions you could ask include:

  • What have you learned today that might be useful in the immediate future and/or for a lifetime?
  • What have you completed today that makes you feel particularly proud?
  • What has been the best thing about returning to onsite learning (apart from seeing your friends again)?
  • Can you think of a time today when you went out of your way to be helpful to someone?
  • What is the most demanding or challenging experience you had today?
  • Can you think of a time today when you were especially enthused? What made you feel this way?

Ask them to rate their day on a score of 1 to 10. If they say 4 or 5 out of 10, ask what do we need to do to get you to a 6 or 7 out of 10?


Senior School Exams and Whole School Head Start program

We have completed our planning for the final weeks of the 2021 academic year before launching into our whole school roll-over (Headstart) on 22 November. Year 11 and 10 exams have been delayed and re-named as tests recognising the delayed return to onsite learning and giving these students some time back in the classroom with their teachers to revise before final assessments commence on November 10. We have decided not to have Year 9 exams this year.


Year 7-9 students have final assessments in the week of 8-17 November, with Student Led Conferences cancelled for this year, with reflection activities in each class instead. There are also several activity and excursion days (within COVID safe guidelines), planned to make up for some activities missed during COVID and providing a form of celebration before all students from Years 7-11 begin our whole school rollover or 2022 Headstart program from November 22.  It is expected that all students returning to Mordialloc in 2022 attend these very important Headstart weeks.  The Senior School team will also be reviewing student achievement, effort and homework completion at the end of the second week for our senior students to ensure students have made the correct subject selections and are on track for a successful year. In the Middle School pre-testing and formative assessment to develop instructional groups and all work completed during the three-week period will count towards their assessment for 2022.


High Energy Drinks

A reminder that the College does not recommend the consumption of high energy drinks due to the high caffeine and sugar content of several popular brands on the market. Some contain the same amount of caffeine as two to three cups of coffee and, as they are drunk cold, deliver caffeine faster that a cup of coffee would. This can lead to sudden peak in energy followed by a crash that can leave you feeling worse than before. The short-term effects of energy drinks include alertness, stimulation of the nervous system and an increased heart rate, while excessive consumption can aggravate symptoms like anxiety, cause insomnia, nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations. As such, we seek parent support in not allowing their child to bring high energy drinks to school, and this includes when students are on an excursion.


World Teachers Day Friday 29 October

World Teachers’ Day is our chance to acknowledge Victoria’s teachers across our schools, TAFE and training, and early childhood education and care settings. All have contributed to the strength of education across the state. It is a fitting tribute in another year when we have asked teachers to be adaptive, innovative and bold. They have constantly dared to find new ways to keep doing what they do best — supporting students and inspiring a love of learning.


We had a lovely surprise on Friday with the delivery of a special morning tea provided by the House family to thank our wonderful teachers and support staff. This morning tea was prepared by cakesbycarter (another parent from our school).


“We wanted to show the MSC staff our appreciation for all your efforts! Teachers & staff have been a part of our home – literally! – for months on end during two years of remote learning. Thanks for doing your best to keep teenagers engaged, parents informed & yourselves sane! Hopefully most of you get to enjoy a lovely lockdown-free long weekend!” – Rachel, Matthew, Jessica and Ryan House



Michelle Roberts