February 9, 2020

Principal’s Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

Welcome to the 2020 school year, and a special welcome to all of our Year 7 students and any new students at other year levels who either joined us during Headstart towards the end of last year or are joining us this year for the first time.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends and look forward to a positive and productive year ahead.

This year we have 250 Year 7 students starting with us, which will make a Middle School of just over 600 students and our total school enrolment of approximately 1100 students. We are hoping to stabilise the student population at this number.

As a school community focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for all of our students we need to continually reflect and seek improvement in everything we do. This year is the final year of our current Strategic Plan (2017-2020) and as such, as part of the accountability cycle set for Victorian Government Schools, we will be undergoing an external review this year to reflect on the past 3-4 years performance in relation to our key improvement strategies and key data sets in relation to targets set over this time. We will then work on developing a new strategic plan for the ongoing improvement of our College and continual provision of an excellent education for all  our students. I will provide more information about this process in my next newsletter article.

Ms. Michelle Roberts