August 4, 2021

Re-scheduling of Events

With each lockdown and return to school, we find ourselves reorganising and juggling events to try and fit in as much as possible, so students don’t miss out. Under the current restrictions in place, we are permitted to run camps, excursions and interschool sport. Our Year 11 Outdoor Education snow camp at Mount Baw Baw and the re-scheduled Year 10 Advance ski camp at Mount Buller are both going ahead this week.

The General Achievement Test (GAT) has been rescheduled again! It is now on Thursday 12 August for all students studying a VCE unit 3/4 sequence. This will be held in the Gym from 10.15-1pm. Further details will be communicated directly to students by our Director of Senior School, Ms Jo Greenhalgh.

As a result of this, we have had to re-schedule our planned Year 12 VCE camp to Lord Somers. Given the importance of this camp going ahead, we have changed the date of our upcoming parent teacher interviews so the Year 12 VCE camp could slot into the one available three day spot the venue had vacant, thus from 1pm Wednesday 1st September to Friday 3rd September, with the first three classes running for Year 12 VCE students on the Wednesday. 

Parent teacher interviews will now be on Thursday 26 August 11am-7.30pm and bookings will open soon for these interviews, to be run remotely via Google Meets to provide greater convenience and efficiency for families. It is expected that students attend these online interviews with their parents/carer, and no scheduled classes will be running on this day. Assistant Principal, Andrew Moffat, will send out the relevant information for bookings next week. 

The Year 11 and 12 Formal dates have been swapped around to accommodate the Year 12 Camp; thus Year 11 will now be on September 2 and Year 12 September 9. Both are being held at Southern Golf Club. Before this year, this was a combined event. Now with our bigger year levels, we need to hold them separately. 

Our Years 9-11 Camp to Central Australia is due to leave on the last Monday of term. This will be subject to interstate travel restrictions at the time. 

Our School Production has been re-scheduled to week 6, from Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 August. So much hard work has gone into putting the show together since the start of the school year and more recently with extra rehearsals during the school holidays and on Sundays to assist students’ preparations, and these have been continuing this term despite the uncertainty around whether we will be permitted to go ahead with our live shows. 

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to confirm arrangements until we find out what restrictions are going to be lifted by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. For example, if visitors are permitted onsite and the ruling on seating capacity. 

I again want to congratulate all students who are involved whether in the cast, crew or band for their dedication throughout the year in preparing for this showcase event. We hope we can recognise and reward their efforts with these re-scheduled performance nights being able to go ahead. My sincere thanks again to my staff producing the show and supporting our students, Adelle Stevenson, Mara Sears, Cameron Young and Claire Bruce and our three former students directing the show Hannah Blavo, Natalie Wood and Imogen Kane.

Michelle Roberts