August 18, 2021

Remote Learning

A lot can change in a week or in a day in our current climate. It is most unfortunate that lockdown continues to be extended and thus remote learning continues for all of our students in Years 7-12. However, we do understand the reasoning behind it and feel it is the best decision for the health and safety of all within our community. Understandably this may have caused considerable stress and anxiety, especially for our students in their final year of school. We will continue to do our best to support all our families navigate through this uncertainty together. Please don’t hesitate to call or email a member of the College leadership team, IT or wellbeing team if you need our assistance in any way. We are also keen to work with our student leadership team to consider how we can acknowledge and celebrate the graduating class of 2021 in a meaningful way with the rest of the College community, depending on what restrictions are in place during Term 4.

Given this period of remote learning has been extended, it is really important that students stay connected with their teachers and classmates through active participation when a Google meet is running for their class. We understand that some students may feel uncomfortable having cameras on, or prefer them off for a number of reasons, but all teachers and students are being encouraged to have cameras on, at least during the explicit teaching part of the lesson to support the student’s connection to the class and engagement with their learning. It also provides a valuable opportunity to check in on student wellbeing. Please encourage your child/ren to have their cameras on during our video lessons.

Our teachers are missing working with their students in person and continue to work exceptionally hard to keep everyone connected with school and others in the class. They are most grateful for any support parents can give in assisting to ensure this has been able to take place while managing the rest of the household and their own work commitments.

We are conducting mid-term surveys with parents and students to gather feedback on remote learning to date and plan to use the results  to inform our planning for the rest of the remote learning period. Students will be sent the student version to complete in their home group/mentor lesson week. 

For parents, please complete the short survey that was distributed via Compass email yesterday or click here:

There are also a number of Department supports available. These include:

As part of the phased COVID-19 vaccination rollout, more Victorian parents, carers, and students are now able to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. With more appointments now available over the next two weeks, we encourage you to book your vaccine at  Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine online booking system.

I trust our school community will ensure we do the right thing at this time, by complying with the restrictions in place and making careful and supportive decisions that limit movement through the community.

Practising Gratitude

It is so easy to get into a negative mindset with the ins and outs of Remote Learning this year. The importance of focusing on gratitude during these uncertain times can help. Learning to practise gratitude every day can help bring some stability to your life by getting you to focus on what is good rather than what is uncertain or unpredictable. 

Please click on the following link to get some tips on ways you can practise gratitude.

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Michelle Roberts