May 3, 2023


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

As you would be aware from Michelle Roberts’ article last week, Mordialloc College has a whole school focus on “respect” this term.

Each week has a different theme as listed below:

Week Theme
1. Respect
2. Respect Each Other
3. Respect Your Education
4. Respect Diversity (IDAHOBIT)
5. Respect Our First Nations People (National Sorry Week)
6. Respect Your School Environment
7. Respect Your Community
8. Respect your school-mates
9. Respect Yourself


As a school we will focus on activities and strategies during Mentor and Home Group, Year Level Assemblies and special events, guests speakers, incursions etc.


An exciting new addition to our College website is SchoolTV!


SchoolTV is an excellent resource hub for families that may be useful to help address any issues you might encounter with raising your teenagers. Included on this site are videos, talks, activities and strategies.


From the school’s home page on our website, please just press the button for School TV as shown below and browse the many topics available.

I will send out links that align with each of our ‘Respect’’ themes this term.

This week’s theme ‘Respect each other” I have include a link to bullying and friendships, please see the links below:

However if you navigate around the site you will see many more useful topics and resources.

Mr Simon Cummins

Acting Assistant Principal