June 23, 2021

Return to Onsite Learning

We are excited to have had all of our students return to onsite learning from June 15 and it has been a smooth transition back. Our senior students enjoyed having the whole campus to themselves for one week prior to this date and now all teachers and Years 7-12 students have quickly adapted back to classroom teaching and enjoying the face to face “in person” time. The majority of students are doing the right thing in the wearing of masks indoors and I ask for parents’ continued support with this mandated requirement, along with the wearing of masks on public transport. 

I would like to congratulate all of my staff for their outstanding work throughout the remote learning period. All staff (leaders, teachers and ES) demonstrated their ongoing commitment to our students and the high quality instruction, support given and feedback to students delivered via remote learning, including the work of our support staff, was fantastic. 

It again highlights the need for everyone to be so adaptable and flexible again this year and be prepared for quick transitions in and of remote learning for short periods of time. Our learning program continues whether onsite or offsite. 

Michelle Roberts