February 28, 2019

Romeo and Juliet

On 25 February, Year 10 students enjoyed a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the Eagles Nest Theatre in the PAC. This was timed to coincide with their study of the play as they develop their ability to write analytical essays, to identify literary devices, to explore the deeper implications of texts and to explain the ways in which writers position their audiences. We were very pleased to note the positive engagement of the students and their comments about how much they enjoyed the performance.

In the next week students will have their first practice essay of the year where they must respond to one of two questions on the text in exam conditions. In order to prepare, students should be memorising quotes, writing practice plans and working on how to break down a question effectively under timed conditions. They should also re-read sections of the play and practice annotating quotations to extend their ability to comment on the layers of meaning within the richness of Shakespeare’s language. A range of study guides are available for free online SparkNotes Study Guides and students can also discuss extra support and revision strategies with their teachers.

Once they have completed close study of the play and received feedback from their practice essays, students will finish the unit with a final benchmark task which will be reported on in Compass to parents and carers at home. This will take place in the week beginning 7 March, depending upon the class timetable, and be reported on within two weeks of submission.

A huge thank you to the Eagles Nest Theatre for putting on such a great show and good luck to all students in their upcoming assessments; we hope you have enjoyed the extra challenge that such a play can offer and are looking forward to our next unit as well – Poetry of Resistance.

Andrew McConchie

Directory of Literacy Improvement