December 15, 2021

School Council President Report

School Council President Report


Each year, as the days get warmer and longer, and we approach the summer holiday and Christmas season, there is always some extra excitement and energy in the College. Whether from the challenge of exams, the stepping up (and out) of our graduating students or simply the anticipation of year end and a recharge over the summer, this time of year always has significance.


This year, more than most, there is definitely a sense of positiveness to be moving forward, on and away from what has been one of the most unusual and uncertain years in recent times. The new year brings new potential, new opportunities and in many ways, we all hope a nice new clean sheet of paper to help restore and resume a more normal way of life.


With that new year optimism, also comes time to reflect, acknowledge and share appreciation for the ongoing efforts and contributions of everyone involved in achieving such a great overall pathway through the past year. Our College has been remarkably lucky to be able to transition through 2021 with minimal disruption to educational aspects, retaining solid educational and confident connections with students and parents while also maintaining a safe and healthy College community. Congratulations and a communal thank you to everyone who has contributed to this outcome.


To the students themselves, well done as a cohort to maintain such enthusiasm, motivation and connection through unusual and disconnected times. To our parents and wider College community, be sure that we also appreciate the efforts made beyond the College to provide the best possible outcomes to all students through the past year. Congratulations, good luck and goodbye to our graduating students. Your years at Mordialloc have prepared you well. Make good use of that moving forward to new and exciting goals.


To our College Leadership Team, and our Teaching and Support staff, thank you for the quality, consistency and dedication of your roles. Unquestionably you have all sought to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students, something of which, as a College and as parents we are all truly proud and appreciative. This year may have been the most demanding, but it also allowed our finest opportunity to deliver when and how it really mattered.


And to our many Admin, our Grounds staff and the College Council, who work tirelessly year round in the background to ensure our College provides its own “personal best” to our students and wider community, thank you especially for this year.


On behalf of the College Council, we hope everyone can enjoy a happy, safe and positive summer vacation.


A great start to a bright New Year is just a couple of weeks away.


Best Wishes and Season’s Greetings!


Ian Fox

Mordialloc College Council