December 22, 2017

School Council President

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and everyone else who is part of the school community,

This time of year is an opportunity to reflect on all that Mordialloc College achieves throughout the year. We have seen the completion and official opening of the new gym stadium as well as the school performance, “Bring it On’ being held in the new Performing Arts Centre.

The school is doing an excellent job of becoming more energy efficient; for example, we will soon have solar panels installed which will be an important and exciting new addition.  The completion of  the school’s masterplan is always on the agenda in order to accommodate the growing school population.

Here at Mordialloc College, there are great opportunities for students to experience a diverse range of activities depending on their passion, including a trip to France and the World Challenge Expedition planned for 2018. There are also a range of whole school events held annually that everyone gets involved in such as cross country, swimming, athletics, the Art Show, Mordi Idol and the school production.

There is a strong sense of community at the school and throughout my involvement I’ve noticed what a friendly and happy atmosphere there is here. It’s a pleasure to see the positive and trusting relationships that develop between students and their teachers. During my involvement with the school, over the last eleven years, I have seen the dedication and commitment of the teaching staff and how everyone supports each other to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

There are also strong partnerships developing with local primary schools which ensure that connections to the wider community are enhanced and Michelle is involved in the Kingston network of schools which helps to build good local relationships.

I’ll be very sad to finally say goodbye to Mordialloc College but trust that the future looks very exciting for the school and I’m confident that the teaching staff really do pursue the high expectations that is the vision of Michelle and her leadership team.

I would highly recommend getting involved in the school and perhaps being a part of school council. It’s inspiring to see how the teachers work hard and embrace positive teamwork with common goals. They are amazing at being adaptable given the changing demands put on them by the ever changing world of education.

On a personal note, I thank Michelle and all the staff for supporting me and trusting me in my role these last few years. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all.

Also, a special mention to the Year 12s who are leaving us this year, I wish you all good luck, health and happiness in the years to come.

Finally, on behalf of us all in school council I would like to wish everyone all the best in 2018.

Nicky Hersey

School Council President