August 24, 2018

School for Student Leadership for selected year 9 students

Last term, seven students attended the School for Student Leadership at the Snowy River Campus in Marlo. Over that time, they developed a Community Learning Project. This is a project that they plan to implement in their community. They chose to tackle the issue of homelessness in our area by creating care kits including toiletries, water, bandaids, combs, and other basic needs. The following is a short piece written by the students who attended in regards to their project.

During our  term at the Snowy River Campus, we decided that we would need to get our community involved with our Community Learning Project on homelessness in order for us to complete it to our personal best. Here is your chance to help us.  August is the month that focuses on homelessness around the world. We are trying to collect donations of non-perishable food items, blankets and old clothes to give to Chelsea Care Works. There will be a donation box in the Hub near the door, where you can donate your goods to help someone live better life. Thank you.

Rose, Meike, Hannah, Lauren, Matthew Wade, Matt G and Chris.

Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School