February 13, 2020

School Photo Day

MSP School Photos Tuesday 18 February

School photos will be taken throughout the day on Tue 18 Feb. All students are asked to wear FULL SUMMER UNIFORM, correct shoes and socks, have their hair neat and tidy. One pair of earrings is permitted, no necklaces or bracelets. Students who arrive out of uniform or with extreme hairstyles may not be permitted in class photos.


Year 7 Students should arrive at school in FULL SUMMER UNIFORM, with their PE attire in a small bag. Students will be given the opportunity to change into PE uniform after their group photo and portraits have been taken.


How to order:

Ordering can be done in 3 ways:

1)      Compass Parent Portal: Photos will initially appear in the News feed – once it has been clicked on the first time it will then be removed from the main feed. Photo ordering can also be accessed through the community icon. Further instructions for parents on ordering through compass can be found at https://www.compass.education/guide#photos

2)      MSP.com.au: To order through the MSP website, you will need to enter the “shoot key” found on your personalised envelope.

3)      Envelope: Cash payments can be made by using the personalized envelopes. They should be returned on photo day to the photographers. Please do not give them to teachers.


Envelopes were distributed to students on Wed 12/2. Any students absent on this day should visit the main office to collect their form. There were issues with the enveloped for students in 8A, 9G, 12D & 12E, we have been in touch with the photo company and will be receiving the forms ASAP.


FAQ’s By parents:

How long do I have to order photos?

Parents have 2 weeks post photo day to order before incurring a 20 dollar late fee.


Do I need to return the envelope if I have ordered online?

No, Envelopes are only required to be brought back if the family is paying cash.


What do I do if I have lost my shoot-key?

If a family has lost their envelope and wish to pay via msp.com.au can call us at 1800 31 44 80.