December 20, 2018

School President’s Report

2018 has indeed been a great year at Mordialloc College, and one that our School Council is very pleased to join with the school in recognising the achievements of our students and teachers.

Personal Best, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility all underpin our College’s  approach to quality education.  Whether in curriculum, on the sporting fields, the music program, the sensational Addams Family drama production, exciting camps and tours – or Advance or World Challenge adventures, our students prospered with excellent opportunities to transform their dreams and ambitions into reality.

Mordialloc College provided a stimulating and innovative environment; an exciting and positive, engaging and safe place to learn.  2018’s best ever graduating results plus ongoing Student, Parent and Staff surveys clearly confirm this.

This year, the Department introduced a new approach to benchmarking school improvement and performance, assessed over a wide range of criteria.  Mordialloc College again proudly achieved positive ongoing improvement in our academic outcomes   – and as a result was rated by the Department as one of the leading schools in the region.

These levels of performance simply don’t come about by chance; rather they represent the hard work and high-achievement levels of our students, with the leadership and support of an outstanding teaching,  management and administration team.

Ms Roberts continues to be an exceptional principal and leader, building a strong and popular team of staff who are dedicated, inspired and hard working.  They have always strived to deliver a culture of high expectations for both themselves and their students. The outstanding College results this year reflect our improved educational outcomes – and the ability of the school to help our students at all levels achieve their personal best.

It’s appropriate on behalf of the School Council, our students and the wider school community to extend our genuine appreciation to every member of the College staff for their ongoing contribution and commitment to delivering the positive and productive educational environment which defines the achievements and success of Mordialloc College. Thank you, we can’t achieve without you.

Our reputation and standing within the local community and surrounding primary schools continues to grow, reflected in higher levels of enrolment year on year. It’s exciting to look forward to the next year – and beyond – as the school continues to build upon ongoing improvement.

Let me also acknowledge the positive and productive contribution & role of each of our School Councillors in Council & committee activities this year, including our long standing Treasurer Mrs Tracy Gabell, our Student Councillors Sabrina and Bailey, together with James Vicendese and our youngest but oh so grown up Year 7 representative, Jeremy Thai-Chan.

On behalf of our School Council, let us all wish our returning students, parents and staff a happy and safe holiday season.  To our graduating students, for the moment, it’s farewell – but your years at Mordialloc College will forever be an important part of your progress and growth.

Congratulations on your achievements. Good luck to each and every one of you.

We wish you all the future success, happiness and prosperity you each deserve.

Ian Fox

School Council President