November 13, 2016

Senior School Exams and Head Start

We are into the third and final week of Year 12 exams and all is running smoothly. Thanks must go to Joanne Greenhalgh, Josh Flood and Tim Randell for ensuring the efficient organisation of the exam weeks. Over the past two weeks Year 11 have been completing their exams and the Year 10 exams are scheduled to start on 14 November.

Next week the Year 11s begin the very important Year 12 Head Start program. This is a three week program where students have the opportunity to begin their Year 12 studies for 2017. We have the Year 10 into 11 Head Start program beginning on 21 November and this will run for two weeks. It is expected that all students returning to Mordialloc in 2017 attend these very important preparation/Head Start weeks. There will be holiday homework set and work expected to be submitted in the first week back next year.