February 26, 2016

Setting Expectations for Students’ Use of Technology

We would like to share a video with our parents presented by youth worker and cyber safety advocate, Jamie Roberts. He offers a range of suggestions for parents who may be concerned that their adolescent children are spending too much time online. Jamie also discusses guidelines relating to online activity that will give parents some ideas on what agreements to put in place with their adolescent children

A balance between online and offline activity is important for all of us (not just young people), as is keeping the lines of communication open in the family.

Access the videos by either clicking, or copying and pasting the following link into your internet browser address bar: http://www.schoolwellbeing.com.au/parent-login/

Enter the username and password listed below. You will then be able to access videos THREE and SIX from the series.

Username: mdc_parents

Password: MDSC_00P

Please let us know if you find the videos useful and would like to receive more resources on supporting your students in their use of technology.

Joshua Flood
Director of eLearning