September 7, 2018

Share the Dignity

My name is Rebecca Block and I am the VCAL Captain at Mordialloc College for 2019. In term 4 each student picks a community project that is their main focus. We put a lot of time and energy into our projects. The aim of each project is to raise awareness for a complex social issue. I decided that I wanted to help raise awareness for an organisation called Share the Dignity. Share the Dignity collects thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every year for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. They also fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia.

On any given night in Australia 1 in 200 people are homeless, 44% are female. Thousands of woman have to make a choice between buying food or buying feminine hygiene products. Share the Dignity  coordinates fundraising drives throughout the year and asks people to donate unopened boxes of pads and tampons to women in need. When women don’t have access to these products it can be uncomfortable and very unsanitary, blood carries all kinds of biological hazards.

Share the Dignity was founded by a woman called Rochelle Courtenay, in just 3 short years she has made it a national charity that works tirelessly to provide sanitary items to women, from all areas of life, who cannot afford them. Over the past three years she has donated over 1,000,000 packets of pads and tampons to woman who feel ashamed and go without during their menstrual cycle. Share the Dignity have a wide range of ways you can get involved that range from simple donations to volunteering, organising fundraisers and even organising talks around schools across Australia to help break the shame around periods and providing information to young woman about how periods work. I believe this organisation does incredible work for women across Australia which is why I’m asking for everyone’s help and for donations.

I have organised with Share the Dignity and Ms Roberts to run a drive at school, to collect unopened packets of pads and tampons to donated to women who are homeless or disadvantaged and women affected by domestic violence. Donations will be collected at the main office reception, you may also see donation boxes in your local supermarkets. Any and all donations will be very welcome and thank you for your support.

I will be collecting from the 30th August until 21st September.

Rebecca Block

VCAL Captain