March 8, 2018

Show Some Respect

Wednesday 7th March 

all Year 8’s attended a drama performance titled “Show Some Respect” performed by an outside production company, Class Act Theatre run by the Melbourne Wellbeing Program. The act was a great opportunity for the students to learn about different types of harassment and bullying and the ramifications this behaviour can have on others. The two actor’s re-enacted real life stories told by real people who have experienced issues involving bullying, harassment, peer pressure, family violence, transgender and inappropriate use of mobile phones. Sending a very important message to the kids to respect each other (and themselves) no matter how different we are!

“Transgender, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment and Peer Pressure were all things the Year 8 students learnt about during the Class Act Theatre performance from the Melbourne Wellbeing Program. The two performers, Jas and Shawn, linked humor to a serious topic so we could tune in and understand the genuine issue that comes with being disrespected, for whatever reason that may be. It also made us think about Respect, Understanding and Empathy for the people who present themselves differently. The Year 8’s listened to true stories about kids our age that had experienced many elements of peer pressure, abuse, harassment and disrespect.

Peer pressure is something we have all probably experienced before, but after listening to the show some respect performance we all realised that it can go further than just pressing someone to do a dare. Peer pressure has caused people to lose all kinds of things; friends, family, happiness, important milestones and many other things. Now, after learning how to avoid it we now feel a little safer around our friends.

Abuse can be financial, physical, psychological, sexual and verbal. One in three Australian women have experienced physical or sexual abuse from the age of 15. 1 in 4 women have experienced emotional abuse from very very young and this really isn’t okay. The year 8 students were taught about domestic violence during the performance and it is hoped that it will stop.

Harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation. Anyone can be harassed, old or young, male or female, in one of at least 3 different ways, sexual, street and unlawful. Despite the 24 years of legislation Sexual Harassment is still alive and well in our work places. Over 28% of women in 2003 had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, compared to the 7% of men.  Street harassment can be verbal comments, honking, whistling, kissing noises, leering/staring, groping, stalking, attempted or achieved assault. Unlawful Discrimination occurs when a person, or a group of people, is treated less favorable than another person or group because of their background or certain personal characteristics. 37% of complaints were lodged under the Disability Discrimination Act, 21% of complaints were lodged under the Racial Discrimination Act, 20% of complaints were lodged under the Sex Discrimination Act, 14% of complaints were lodged under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act and 8% of complaints were lodged under the Age Discrimination Act. Harassment can happen anytime anywhere to anyone, but thanks to the Melbourne Wellbeing Program, we now know that there are many different ways to handle this disgusting behaviour.

Disrespect is a behaviour Year 8 does not accept. Nor does the Melbourne Wellbeing Program. It feels good to know that out in our world there are many other people like us, no matter who we are, where we come from or what we look like. Jas and Shawn did an amazing job at lifting our self-esteem and helping who ever needed it. We would recommend this performance to anyone and would go see it again in a heartbeat. Thank you Class Act Theatre from the Melbourne Wellbeing Program, Year 8 now knows how to Show Some Respect”

  • Isabel and Indi