August 30, 2023

Staff vs Student tournaments

Staff vs student tournaments

This year’s student versus teacher sports were epic! We started off by recruiting the best players, Years 12s and teachers alike, in order to play off for the first win of the games.

After finally getting through the struggle of finding players, we arrived at basketball game day. First the students scored then the teachers, going on and on ending with an even score and just 30 seconds to go, then, the students scored making them the rightful first round winners!

Next, we arrived back at the gym a week later in order to battle out on the court again for netball.

With both teachers and students on the court, it was bound to be a good game. Both teams eager to win the last game, the whistle blew and off they went. From the beginning, the students had shown that they were not to be messed with scoring again and again. It came down to the last minutes of the last quarter but eventually the students came out on top!

The Year 12 House Captains