February 22, 2024

Student Exchange Open Day

Dear Schools,

World Education Program are opening the doors of our Melbourne office on Saturday 24 February 2024 to tell your high school students about exchange opportunities available to them. 

Students will learn about going on a Short Term, Semester or Year long exchange program to countries all throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America!

Students will learn:

  • About complementing their secondary studies with an academic exchange program through a live Information Session and the value of second language acquisition. 
  • Who the WEP Team are and why we are so passionate about exchange (most of us are returned exchange students ourselves). 
  • What exchange is really like from recently returned students. These students will be available all afternoon for students to chat to.


Founded in 2001, WEP is an independent and registered not-for-profit Australian student exchange organisation registered/approved by the education departments/regulatory authorities in Victoria. We are passionate about all things student exchange and see the benefits in our students every day. You can read more about WEP here


We send high school students to countries all over the world for Short term, Semester, and Year programs. While on exchange, students attend school full-time and live with a host family. They adapt to the way of life like a local teenager and learn the language by living there. 

Students experience different customs, improve language skills, and develop personal skills such as confidence, maturity, communication, and global understanding. These skills set students up for success in their future studies and career goals. 

WEP’s academic exchange programs are designed to fit into the Australian academic schedule and offer students between 15 and 18 years of age the opportunity to immerse themselves into a new culture. 

For further information: www.wep.org.au