Gain leadership skills

Leadership through all the different representative bodies that are available to students at Mordialloc College facilitates growth as young active members of our communities. 

There is also an expectation that all VCE students are role models for the younger members of the school community.

Empowering Student Voices

College Leadership

We value the voice of our students and offer extensive leadership opportunities, including College and Middle School Captains, Sport, Curriculum, Promotions and Fundraising, Facilities and Environment,  The Arts, Visual and Performing, Community and Wellbeing, as well the four House Captains, and an active Mordialloc College Student Council (MCSC).

Youth-Led Sub-Committees:

– Community and Wellbeing
– Curriculum
– Facilities and Environment
– Promotions and Fundraising
– The Arts, Visual and Performing
– Sports

Empowering Collaboration from Years 7 to 12

MCSC members are actively involved in organising many activities around the school to promote student engagement as well as many whole school fundraising events where the proceeds are donated to charities chosen by the subcommittee involved. MCSC members also represent their peers when evaluating learning programs, making suggested improvements, and all other aspects of their school environment. 

Leadership Team 2024

College Captains

Antonio Marques Vaz Serra
Isabelle Vicendese

College Vice Captains

Jaylyn Clarke
James Wilson

Sports Captain

Isabelle Vicendese
Piri Faid

Performing Arts Captain

Caity Ford
Eden Lasbury
Lachlan Welsh

Community and Wellbeing

Jaylyn Clarke
Claudia Siddall

Visual Arts Captain

Brandon Bamford
Charlotte Kypriotis

Middle School Captains

Zoe McPherson
William Flemming

Middle School Vice Captains

Ava Wilson
Jamie Thai-Chan,
Nathan Krummel


Jordan Walklate

Promotions and Fundraising

Antonio Marques Vaz Serra
James Wilson

Facilities and Environment

Dennis Li
Nissar Ali


Darby Blinco
Mika Faid
Tim McQuiston
Emma Medin-Dodd


Alex Healy
Charlotte Kerr


Callum Grieve
Doug Hawkins


Emre Aslan
Owen Joy
Ben Alford
Will Fraser

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