June 12, 2015

Student Principal for a Day

This year our students again had the opportunity to participate in Student Principal for a Day which is a national initiative of the Principals Australia Institute. Interested students were required to submit to me an expression of interest – explaining why they would like to be Principal for a Day and what skills and attributes they would bring to this position.

Abby Howard in Year 7 was the winner closely followed by Elisa Barone and Samantha Exton, also in Year 7, who both came in second and thus were duly appointed Principal and Assistant Principals for the day. Their “day in charge” was held on June 3rd and they had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities together.

They appreciated the fact that they needed to work as a team to effectively complete the tasks assigned to them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, (even yard duty!). I would like to congratulate them all on their enthusiasm and commitment throughout the day and their preparedness to step outside their comfort zone to challenge themselves.