Support Network for Students and Families

The Director of Student Wellbeing Di Douglas leads our Student Wellbeing team. This team also includes a Youth Worker, Mental Health Practitioner and a Secondary School Nurse. The school also has a partnership with an external counselor through the School Psychology Initiative that students can access at school.

The wellbeing team members are available for individual support and also involved in the delivery of a range of wellbeing programs across the College.

Resources are available to assist young people and parents in matters concerning the general wellbeing of students.

Students, parents and carers are welcome to arrange an appointment to meet with a member of the team. Students, parents and carers are encouraged to use the email to arrange an appointment or start a conversation.

The Home Group Teacher/Mentor/Year Level Coordinator are also available to be contacted to discuss any concerns or support required.

The DET School Support Staff are also available to support the needs of students and families. Parental consent is required to engage with this support team.

The Wellbeing team have connections with a range of community organisations that can provide valuable support.

If families are experiencing financial challenges impacting their ability to access resources for their child’s learning, a phone call to the Director of Wellbeing is a good place to start a conversation.

Connecting for Concerns, Support, and Resources

Student Wellbeing

Mordialloc College has a Secondary School Nurse, Pamela Johnson, who is onsite 2 days per week as a member of the Well Being Team.

Her main focus is health promotion and health education, especially in the areas of sexual health, relationship skills, consent, LGBTIQ+.  This includes class and confidential individual sessions, as well as whole of school health promotion/awareness events and activities.

The Home Group Teacher is the student’s significant teacher allocated at Years 7–8.

The purpose of the Home Group Teacher is to strengthen the student’s connectedness and belonging to the school and ensure a positive learning environment for the child.

DET School Support Staff

Parental consent is required to engage with this support team

Wellbeing services

Get access to a wide range of community organisations

Experiencing financial challenges?

The Director of Wellbeing is a good place to start a conversation

International Student Coordinator

Brigitte Podesser
EAL (English Additional Language) Coordinator

Qun Joan Mao
International Student Coordinator

Tracey Bastin
Assistant Principal

Mordialloc College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861k). For further information refer to

State of Victoria (Department of Education & Early Childhood Development)
Initiative of the International Students Unit Provider Number: 00861K

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