February 15, 2023

Student Wellbeing

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

As the new term takes shape it is hard to believe we are already well into February.

The Wellbeing Team are settling into the new Wellbeing Space. We are appreciating the increased capacity and flexibility with space and resources to meet with students and host a range of meetings and gatherings. The Breakfast Group, which operates each Thursday from 8.15 am, are enjoying the increased area to gather and enjoy brekkie together at the start of the school day. All students Years 7 – 12 are welcome to join. The Respect Group, who gather weekly, are also enjoying the opportunity for a bigger more relaxed space to meet. Any students interested in joining the Respect group, for students who are LGBTIQ+ and allies, are invited to have a conversation with Secondary School Nurse Pamela Johnson about their interest to join.

Michael Barbas and myself have our bags packed ready to attend the Year 7 Camp this week. The weather is looking very favourable and we are looking forward to getting to know the Year 7 cohort.


Yesterday I was fortunate to be able to represent the College at the Derimut Weelam Gathering Place Mordialloc to mark the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Kevin Rudd apology speech. This speech was made on February 13 2008 on behalf of the nation for past laws, policies and practices that have impacted Australia’s First Nation’s peoples.

The Wellbeing Team are engaged with the Derimut Weelam Gathering Place to promote events and  opportunities for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait  Islander students.

It was great to see the Project Rockit Team delivering a session to our Year 7 students yesterday. The focus of Project Rockit is to empower students with the skills to build respectful relationships, say no to (cyber)bullying and lead positive change in the school community.

Project Rockit
At the end of term we farewelled Kristin Whitham from the Wellbeing Team. While her stay with us was brief, we greatly enjoyed having her on the team and her expertise and experience with youth support was greatly valued. We are welcoming Hailey Pratt to the team next week.

If you would like further information about the range of programs and supports available at Mordialloc College you can the email the Wellbeing Team at: wellbeing@mc.vic.edu.au or call reception 9580 1184 and ask to speak to myself or a member of the team.

Wellbeing Team members:

Di Douglas: Director Student Wellbeing

Melanie Raike: Mental Health Practitioner

Michael Barbas: Youth Counsellor,

Harry Lee: Youth Counsellor

Hailey Pratt: Youth Counsellor


Di Douglas

Director Student Wellbeing