March 1, 2023

Student Wellbeing

I would like to introduce you to the different members of the Wellbeing Team for 2023. We are very fortunate to have six members of the team each bringing unique qualifications, expertise and interests to their role supporting students at Mordialloc College.


Hailey is the newest member of the team joining us at the start of the year. Hailey, Michael and Harry are our Youth Counsellors, Melanie Raike is our school’s Mental Health Practitioner. Schools were fortunate to receive government funding to employ a Mental Health Practitioner to enhance the provision of wellbeing support in Victorian schools. Pamela Johnson is our Secondary School Nurse and has a focus on adolescent health and particularly sexual health. As the Director of Wellbeing I lead this wonderful team working together to support the wellbeing of students at Mordialloc College.


Raise Mentoring Program

An exciting program we are looking forward to rolling out in Term 2 is the Raise Mentoring Program. This program will be linking selected Year 8 students with a Mentor for Term 2 and 3. I have had feedback from Raise to inform us they have some Mentors ready to go but are seeking additional Mentors for Mordialloc College. If you know of someone who would be suitable for this valuable role please share the flyers below with them.  You may also have a child in Year 8 who you would like to recommend to be considered to join the Raise Mentoring program. Please contact me to have this conversation.



The Year 8 cohort were fortunate to have facilitators from the Toolbox team lead workshops in their Year 8 classes last week. The Toolbox facilitators are trained psychologists introducing students to a range of mental health tools and giving them opportunities to test how they can apply them in their own life. Skills emotional regulation was the focus of last week’s workshops.

The Respect Group

The Respect Group meets each Thursday lunchtime and they are well into setting goals and plans for the school year ahead. Having the opportunity to meet together is a very important time in their school week. The Respect Group led by Pamela Johnson is for LGBTIQ+ students and allies and open to all students. If any student is interested in coming along to the group we recommend they first have a conversation with Pamela to gain an understanding of the group and ensure it is a safe place for everyone who attends. Pamela can be reached via the wellbeing email or students can call in to the Wellbeing office on Tuesday or Thursday for a conversation with Pamela.

Breakfast Club


Are you aware that the wellbeing team host a breakfast on Thursdays before school open to all students Year 7-12. This is a great opportunity to start the day off meeting with friends and enjoying a yummy breakfast together to get you ready for the day ahead. Michael and Harry do a great job having breakfast ready to go at 8.15 am each Thursday.

If you would like further information about the range of programs and supports available at Mordialloc College you can the email wellbeing team at: or call reception 9580 1184 and ask to speak to myself or a member of the team.

Di Douglas

Director of Student Wellbeing