February 20, 2020

Tips for new parents transitioning to Secondary School

We really value the home-school partnership and parents staying connected and engaged with their child’s learning in Secondary School. There can be a tendency for parents to step back from their child’s schooling but the best outcomes can be achieved when schools and parents work together to create the optimal supportive learning environments at school and at home for learning, aligned to shared values and aspirations. I encourage all parents to stay informed by staying in contact with their child’s main teachers, reading the College weekly newsletter and maximising their use of one of our main means of communication, the Compass parent portal. Through the portal you can do the following:

  • Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter in explanations for late arrivals or absences.
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers and update their family details.
  • Monitor homework, assessment tasks and view outstanding learning tasks.
  • Download and view their child’s progress on individual assessment tasks during the term and end of semester reports.
  • View ‘My News’, a news feed of school announcements, alerts and updates.
  • View your student’s timetable and the school calendar.
  • Book parent-teacher meetings.
  • Pay and provide consent for events, excursions and school fees.

You can access Compass at https://mcsc-vic.compass.education. If you have any trouble accessing, please contact the General Office so your password details can be checked. Please don’t share your password details with your child. All students have their own password.

Regularly talk about school and the new and unfamiliar experiences. Assist your child to develop organisational skills to plan and prioritise; and encourage them to take advantage of the many extra-curricular opportunities to broaden their interests and talents. Above all else, support them to have a positive attitude and be prepared to give things a go.

Ms. Michelle Roberts