March 17, 2016


An important part of our publicity in the lead up to our Open Afternoon (Saturday 16 April) and Open Night (Tuesday 19 April) are the visits we make to all feeder primary schools (14 schools). This started last week and involves myself, Jennifer Roep and George Tzimourtas taking some of our students to visit each school for 30-40mins. Most schools are allowing us to speak to Grade 5s and 6s. The visits are over the last 3 weeks of this term. On each visit we have taken a group of current Year 7 students and two Yr 12 or Yr 9 students to speak
about their experiences as students of Mordialloc College. They have represented the college with distinction and the pride they feel in their school was obvious in their respective speeches complemented by a virtual tour of the school. I would like to thank the following students for their involvement. From Year 7: Sam Bloxham, Louis Bateson, Liam Johnson, Talia Peacock, Phoebe Nightingale, Lauren Ditchfield, Meike Berg, John Phan, Connor Brink and Vika Vasilenko. From Year 9: Levi Burns, Meredith Vaughan, Alex Unwin, Elizabeth Ng and Eleni Hatzis. From Year 12: Joel Davis, Katelyn Newham, Ben Robertson, Jamie Lee, Jure Plestina, Jaala Spithas, Naomi Vlasblom, Lexie Close, Bambi Cheung, Jaymar Ledesma, Gabrielle Howes, Erin Love, Ruby Barlow, Amelia Ransom and Neo Bahula.

Michelle Roberts