September 1, 2016

VCAL News – Melbourne Street Art Reflection

On Monday 22 August, the Year 11 VCAL class went on a tour of the Melbourne street art in the CBD. Ollie, a tour guide from Blender Studios, met us on arrival in the city. Ollie described where we would view various types of street art.

The first destination was Hosier Lane. The significance of this alleyway was that the walls on either side of the lane are a legal place to spray paint, add designs and paint murals. This was an awesome experience seeing the different styles of street art and the quality murals. There was another small lane which joined Hosier Lane called Rutledge Lane which was a “beginners” wall where people with little art experience could come and test new ways or even learn how to create their first street art piece.

My favourite art piece was a mural using bright neon colours on AC/DC Lane. This piece was dedicated to the music artist Prince who passed away earlier this year. The lane was renamed from Corporation Lane to AC/DC Lane as a tribute to the rock band in 2004.

We have learned about different styles and ways to produce street art, the whole lifestyle of street art and who creates art pieces around the CBD.

Josh Cardie