October 27, 2021

VCE French Oral Exams 2021

VCE French Oral Exams 2021


Bonjour! On Wednesday 13 October the French oral exam was held.


This exam was in two sections:

The first section consisted of general conversation in which students talked about their lives for 7 minutes (i.e. topics and sub-topics relating to family and relationships, school life, tertiary studies, career and pathways, travel and their future projects).

The second section was a discussion based on a collaborative topic we studied and researched about ‘La Revolution Francaise’.


Each student undertook some in depth research about a sub-topic relevant to their area of historical and cultural interests to personalise their touch on the main theme and topic.

Oral Examinations self-experience:


Bonjour tout le monde – The moments before the exam were more terrifying than the moment it actually commenced. From the time I entered the examination room, the friendliness of the examiners was unexpected yet calming – helping me get through my conversation as if it wasn’t even an exam, no stuttering or nerves. It went by incredibly fast, and we all felt relieved when it finished. Overall, the exam itself was actually rather pleasant; I think our nerves just got the better of us beforehand. No matter the result and outcome of it, this is definitely an experience I’ll learn and grow from.

Natalie Politova – Étudiante de Terminale


Salut a tous – The oral examination was honestly a fun experience, considering how nervous we all had been! The train ride to Box Hill was great, the landscape was pretty and the exam took place in this beautiful hotel on a quiet little street. My examiners were both very reassuring, and the whole experience felt like it was over in only 5 minutes.

Hannah Grieve – Étudiante de Terminale


Bonjour! Although it was a little nerve-wracking, it was so great to see all our hard work pay-off and get the oral exam done! The examiners are lovely, and it’s over before you know it. Bonne chance to everyone, I’m sure you did great!

Meike Berg – – Étudiante de Terminale


Bonjour tout le monde. It was pretty nerve-wracking but we had all practised heaps and the examiners were extremely nice and friendly.

Celina Lum – – Étudiante de Terminale


Sehenaze Peerbux

French Teacher