August 16, 2023

Whole School Assembly: Personal Best and Aiming High

On Monday, we held a whole school assembly to celebrate Personal Best – Aiming Higher, one of our core values.  I spoke to students about this and we were fortunate to have Mr Tim Richardson MP, Member for Mordialloc also attend our assembly to speak on this topic. Our special guest speaker was former student Imogen Kane who I reported on in one of my Term 2 articles. Imogen graduated from Mordialloc College in 2017 and is the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations for 2023. One person across Australia is awarded this honour each year, so it is an absolutely outstanding achievement for Imogen. Imogen spoke to students about her journey since graduating, her work as AYR to the United Nations and on aiming higher. Imogen spoke about making the most of opportunities and your lived experience being so valuable in developing various skill sets.  “You can always say no, but you can’t say yes if you never applied.” She also spoke about being the best version of yourself and the importance of not giving up, demonstrating persistence and resilience to achieve set goals, and having the right support network behind you. Things may not always go as you had planned or hoped for,  but bounce back and keep working hard and learn from any mistakes made along the way.

Ms Michelle Roberts