March 9, 2022

Year 10 Advance Cathedral Ranges Hike

Year 10 Advance Cathedral Ranges Hike

The Year 10 Advance class arrived at the front of the gym to head off to the Cathedral Ranges at 8.00 am on Monday 28 February. Just before we arrived at the campsite, the huge mountains loomed over us and told us who was boss. We got to our campsite and had our last trip to the bathroom before we went up.


We collected our bags, and started hiking up the mountain. We stopped almost every hour so that the back of the group could catch up, and have a small snack break. After a few hours we started going over the rocks and all of the other obstacles along the ridge. With a speaker playing music, and the hope that the view would be worth it, we continued on towards the top of that mountain. Once we reached the top, the view was awesome –  we could see for miles. We took some photos and then continued across the top of the ridge. Rain started spitting down, with the challenge of not slipping and the struggle of the rain, we reached the campsite in pain and exhausted. We took a quick little dip in the stream beside our campground to cool off. We set up our tents and started on our long awaited dinner. We ate the food that we had packed and lit a campfire before going to bed.




During the night it  started to rain.  We all woke up at around 8.00 – 8.30 am. We sat around our tents eating breakfast before we started to pack up. After finishing our breakfast we packed up our tents, picked up our rubbish and waited for Nathan.


After everyone was ready to go we started our 1 hour walk back to the bus. When we got to the bus we put our bags in the trailer and got on the bus to head back to school. About 45 minutes later we had a lunch stop at McDonalds and KFC.  We then had about an hour’s drive left back to school. We arrived back at around 2.30 pm. When we got back to school we cleaned out the bus and put all our rubbish bags that we had collected before leaving in the bin. We said our thank yous to Mr Evans, Mr Carroll and Jess, then we left to go home.


Flynn Nicholson and Tate Winnell

Year 10 Advance