March 17, 2021

Year 10 Advance – Cathedral Ranges Hike

Year 10 Advance Cathedral Ranges Hike

On Thursday March 11,  the Year 10 Advance Class was ready to walk the Cathedrals. We arrived at school at 8.00 am, leaving for the Cathedrals at 8.30 am. 

We arrived at the start of the walk at 11.30 am, 30 minutes later than we were supposed to due to road works, but we didn’t let this stop us. We had lunch then set off on our adventure. After the first 15 minutes of walking up steep steps, we were already tired. After 2 hours of torture on my thighs and calves, we reached the peak. It was beautiful –  you could see into the far distance the flat farmland, shadowed by mountains towering above them. Though it was hot, there was a slight breeze that helped us cool down.  

After a short rest we begin on the steep, rocky track again. After 30 minutes the track evened out and the rest of the walk was a downhill slope. Some of the boys rushed ahead and managed (with no injuries) to make it to the campsite  at exactly 4.00 pm, which was one of the fastest finishes to the walk, so it was well done to the class! When everyone else arrived, we pitched our tents and sat next to the creek. The water was freezing but refreshing. We soaked our feet in it to help our bruising, and to relax our muscles. At 6.00 pm we had dinner, which we were all looking forward to after the hard efforts we all put in for the walk. Later we played spotlight and mafia and then went to bed.  Some of us fell asleep at 9.30 pm as we were so exhausted. 

We woke up at 8.00 am the next day, packed our tents and left, walking alongside the creek to get back to the bus. After 4 hours we arrived back at school by 2.30 pm. Overall the camp was definitely worth it and I had lots of fun. Thanks to Mr Evans for organising and Miss Powell and Miss Cameron for coming along also.

Isaac Thompson

Year 10 Advance