May 31, 2019

Year 10 Advance Hike

The Cathedral Ranges National Park

The 19 class members headed off for a hike. All of us have camped before. We’ve gone through harsh days and cold night but this was another step. It was a leap but what came from it was beautiful scenery and wildlife.

When we arrived we set up our tent and looked at a wombat before we were thrown into the middle of a forest hike, one that went for around 8km… in the cold… (trust me it’s a good time, I’m just over

reacting). Although the walk was tiring and the prickly bushes were a pain in the skin

it was good to enjoy the tranquillity. It makes you forget that during some stages

of the hike you’re 280 metres above sea level (causes pain to your ears). We enjoyed

the food that we made ourselves and went to bed all dry (except the group who

turned their fly inside out).

When we woke up in the morning some of us saw wallabies (the others were cold) and then we headed back to Mordialloc. In the end it was a wonderful experience, except for when it wasn’t, and something that we will remember for future years to come.


Written by

Thomas Clarke