August 9, 2023

Year 10 Advance Ski Trip

Yr 10 Advance Ski Trip to Mt Buller

Who knew Mt Buller can be snowy but hot? On our Advance Ski Trip to Mount Buller, the Advance Students had a terrific time. Our day started bright and early at 5.45 am when we all departed school to drive to Mansfield. We arrived at Mansfield around 9.15 am to grab a quick bite to eat before we made our way onto the charter bus to take us to Mt Buller. This is where the fun started.


On the chairlifts, we were able to observe the breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains. We engaged in a fierce snowball war. Despite being told not to throw snowballs at Mr Evans, our temptations got the better of us.

Before we returned to the cabin, we collected our snowboarding gear for the next couple of days and had to endure a tough uphill hike with snowboards, snow boots and helmets. Once we were all settled into our cabins, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of lasagna and salad. We ended the evening with a couple of games hosted by two different groups. Although the night did not end there for us, we were wide awake until 11.30 pm despite the long journey to Mt Buller.

After a so-called good night’s sleep, it was time to wake up for our first snowboarding lesson. Everyone was awake and had eaten breakfast by 7.30 am which meant it was time to get ready for our first lesson. We were separated into two groups to start with basics. Then slowly progressed onto the main slope, Bourke Street. After a long day of snowboarding, us students made our way back to the cabin. Homemade parmas and veggies were served for dinner. Once the food settled down, we made our way down to the Mt Buller Cinema to watch The Flash. Everyone got back to the cabin around about 9.30 pm where we settled down into bed.

The day started at 7.00 am again, although we may have been a bit grumpy from being up so early, we were excited to get out on the slopes again. Students caught the chairlift up to the top of Bourke Street and formed into one group to see our progress from yesterday’s lesson. Once again we parted into two groups, some students started going on the harder runs, Family Run and Little Buller while the other group were still perfecting their skills. After an even longer day out on the slopes, we slowly made our way back. Dinner was served, chilli con carn, baked potatoes and nachos. The rest of the evening was spent playing more games hosted by the final two groups. The night lasted a bit longer as we all were soaking up our final night at Mt Buller.
Sadly and quickly, it was our last day at Mt Buller but we still wanted to get as much snowboarding in as we could. Morning came and it was the last time we had to wake up at 7.00 am. Although we were split into two groups, both groups attempted harder runs including Shaky Knees, The Summit and Wombat. Our snowboarding session ended at 11.45 am as we had to return all our snowboarding gear back to George’s Ski Hire. Once we all got back to the cabin, we had our last lunch together and finished packing our bags. At around 2.30 pm we met our chartered bus that would take us down to Mansfield where we left our school bus. After another food stop, we hopped onto the school bus to head back down to school. And that’s where our camp ended.

We would all like to thank Mr Evans, Mrs Napolitano and Mr Mayadas for looking after us on the camp and for organising everything so we could have a fun time.

Addison Heitman

Yr 10 Advance