August 17, 2022

Year 10 Advance Ski Trip

On Tuesday 9th of August, the Year 10 Advance Class had an early start at around 6.20 am. We had a four hour drive to Mt Buller, including the stops we took at Yea and Mansfield.


After we finally arrived and got everything sorted out and into our lodge, we had lunch then headed out for tobogganing. We then got our snowboards, helmets and boots. We headed back to the lodge for dinner, we had lasagne and salad which was scrumptious. We then hosted some night activities inside the lodge where we all had to run activities playing mini games for the rest of the class.


The next morning, we got up at 7.00 am for breakfast and then we were ready for snowboarding. We split into two groups and had our beginner lessons, the lessons went for an hour and a half. We then took off on our own taking different courses. After the first day we all had a bit of experience in snowboarding.  We headed back to lodge a bit earlier due to a “White Out” with the fog and clouds making it a bit hard to see. For dinner we had parmas and continued with our night games.

The following morning, we had another lesson and then we were able to go boarding without the instructor. We started to take on more experienced courses to see what we could find, on the way back we found a jump on the side of the busiest course on the mountain. We had some good fun watching everyone stack and face plant. Then we headed back for nachos and roast potatoes for dinner and afterwards we saw a movie.


Our final day was spent in small groups going to experienced courses where we could just have fun and test our limits. We all got upset when it was time to call it quits and leave the mountain. We then took our stuff back and headed to lodge to pack up and head home. We all had a great time experiencing new things and learning how to snowboard.

We would like to thank Mrs Nap, Miss Evans, Mr Mayadas for coming along and Mr Evans for organising everything. We had a great time !


Nathan Kalogris

Year 10 Advance