November 24, 2019

Year 11 Mystery Tour

Year 11 Mystery Tour

Last Friday signified the last official Year 11 day for this year’s cohort. After completing exams they were all ready to celebrate and have some fun on the traditional Year 11 Mystery Tour.

Students did a great job dressing up. We had a real range of characters on show from Thing 1 & 2, the Scooby Doo crew, a group of Ninjas and Mr Piubello as a bogan.  We certainly made an impact and turned some heads as we made our way to our mystery venue.

Side Tracked in Huntingdale was our final destination. Fun times were had in laser tag, where the students reigned supreme over the outnumbered staff.  Some impressive individual scores were notched up in the bowling alley and the competitive juices of students were on show on the Go-kart track.

As their coordinator for 2019 what I most enjoyed was seeing them relaxed and having fun with their cohort after a long but productive year. I look forward to following their progress as they enter their all-important final year of schooling.


Robyn Wilson

Year 11 Coordinator