March 15, 2015

Year 12 Progress Interviews

Each Year 12 VCE student has been assigned to meet with Ms Roberts, Mr Osborne, Mr Wischusen or myself to discuss their aspirations for the future and their ATAR goal. We talk about the study scores needed in each subject and the SAC results required to achieve these study scores, then align these with the student’s current results. In doing this, we get a realistic perspective of how the students are travelling so far and are able to put plans and strategies in place to help them achieve their goals.


Every VCE subject is assessed through School Assessed Coursework, or SACs, as they are commonly known. These tasks usually take place over the course of one to two periods and are sat under test conditions. In Unit 3 and 4 subjects, the SACs contribute significant marks toward the study score, which is why it is so important for students in Year 10 and 11 to take the SACs seriously and to prepare

for them as effectively as possible. If a student misses a SAC due to illness they must obtain a medical certificate to be able to sit the SAC at the supervised re-sit sessions, on Monday and Thursday after school. As we progress halfway through Units 1 and 3, students are finding they may have several SACs to complete in one week. Time management is essential during these times and students must allocate enough time outside school to plan and prepare to the best of their ability.


Students have just completed their Green Thumb portfolio, which focused on issues of conservation and sustainability. Students had to select an issue of their choice and develop a risk management plan for the future. Investigations included clean energy, water pollution, sustainable construction and green eating. We enjoyed visits to Healesville Sanctuary, CERES Environmental Park and Gunnamatta Ocean Outfall with a presentation from Clean Oceans Foundation to experience a variety of environmental topics and problems we are currently facing. I was extremely pleased with the level of participation and responsibility students took to manage their learning throughout this project, especially the self- and peer-assessment process, whereby they gave each other valuable constructive feedback.

Shelley Muir
Director of Senior School