July 28, 2022

Year 7 & 8 Programs Update

Bryony Lowe

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


We are well under way for Term 3. Students have, hopefully, slipped back into their school routine (despite the chilly weather) and managed to set up study routines that help them revise and consolidate ideas they have learnt throughout their school day.


Our College, particularly our Year 7 & 8 students and staff were very excited this year with the grand opening of our brand new Year 7 & 8 Learning Centre. Students and staff moved into the new building at the beginning of Term 2 and so we have had a term to form and review processes and procedures for the way students enter and exit the building and classrooms and look after their new environment. The students were especially excited when we had a visit from Premier Daniel Andrews to officially open the building.


What has been happening in Year 7 and 8?

It has been a very busy time, jam-packed with activities for the students to participate in, enabling them to enage in their learning.


Term 2 – Year 7 Online NAPLAN 

During Term 2, our Year 7 students completed their very first online NAPLAN testing. This was particularly challenging because staff had never experienced using the online testing program and it was also new to students. This involved several practice sessions including nation-wide practice to ensure the technological aspect was ready. During the two week testing window, approximately 500 students (Year 7 and 9) completed 4 online tests in Numeracy, Reading, Writing and Language Conventions of varying test length.


Term 3 – Year 7 and 8 PTV Metro Presentation 

Last week, in their Year Level Assembly the Year 7 and 8 students watched a presentation by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Students were briefed on safety in and around the rail system, fines and the role of Public Safety Officers (PSOs). Students will now have a better understanding of how to travel on public transport safely and what to do if they have an issue.


Year 7 Chinese Museum Incursion

Students in Year 7 took part in activities organised by the Chinese Museum of Victoria. These activities included Chinese knotting, kung fu and Chinese inventions. The students enjoyed the activities associated with their Ancient China unit of work in Humanities and it gave them a greater appreciation for the history of different cultures from around the world.

Year 7 SEAL and Year 8 Marketing Madness Expo

On Monday and Tuesday of last week, we hosted a Marketing Madness Expo in the Year 7 and 8 Learning Centre to showcase all the work our students had completed during their project week. Marketing Madness is an integrated project that incorporates Humanities, English and Science topics of marketing techniques, persuasive language and energy transformations. The students put in a huge amount of work to create a toy that demonstrated some form of energy transformation and a marketing campaign to spruik their toy to the public. We thank all the classes from other year levels in our school and the parents/carers who attended and voted for the best toy and campaign.

Well done to the winners from Year 8

Warmtastic: Mercedez Do Santos, Ryan Westwood, Camille Bernard, Jolie Ellis

Office Pocket Bow: Charlie Leek, Seb Welsh, Spencer Whitney

Buzzed: Thomas Athanasiou, Paul Mitrokli and Mani Harran.


And from Year 7 SEAL

Paper Plane Launcher: Nik Rokvic, Eric Strelnikov, Raff Kilkenny,

Tanky: Norin Heng, Leon Bell, Jai Kumar, Noah Williams

Balltastic: Amelie Eyles-Manins, Mia Hornel, Karma Handfield, Nadja Krivacevic

Students have been or will be presented with a certificate of achievement at year level assemblies this week and next.

Bryony Lowe

Year 7 and 8 Teaching and Learning Coach