February 17, 2017

Year 7 camp

The Year 7 students headed off to Camp Rumbug near Foster last week in the midst of some very hot weather. 172 students spent three days experiencing a wide range of activities including canoeing, the giant swing, low ropes courses, flying fox, team building activities, tree climbing, aero ball and trust exercises. All of these activities were designed for the students to build relationships with other students and get to know the staff outside the classroom environment. There was much laughter, loads of splashing (particularly of staff!) and the occasional capsize in the canoe activity. Many students challenged their fear of heights in the tree climb activity and the support for them shown by their peers as they pushed through their nerves was pretty special to witness.

The first night was very warm and, whilst there were a few teething issues, overall the students were amazing and well behaved. They were awake at 6am each morning and outdoors for the entire day. By the second night, the weather had cooled and everyone slept a lot better (I think they were all pretty tired from such a big day as well!).

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships staff have with students at Mordialloc College and it was very evident that these relationships are already firmly developed amongst staff and students in Year 7. It was also a great opportunity to see new friendships develop that will endure for the rest of their time at school.

Whilst camp is very early in the year, it provides the perfect opportunity for staff to get to know the students and vice versa. This creates a great foundation for the remainder of the year. Thank you to all of the staff who attended camp and made it such a positive experience for all.

Ms Jennifer Roep

Assistant Principal