October 14, 2018

Year 8 SEAL Excursion to Sovereign Hill

“I think I’ve found gold!”

Sovereign Hill was a great experience for the Year 8 SEAL class. It was a bit of a long drive, but it was worth it. As soon as we got to Sovereign Hill, half of the class ran to the lolly store, because as everyone knows, the most important thing to buy is SUGAR. It was a lovely, perfect and sunny day, so after a quick lunch we started our “Race Around the Hill” Scavenger Hunt. We worked as groups in the Scavenger Hunt, and we needed to “bowl a strike at the bowling saloon”, “hold real gold” and “find the hottest place in Sovereign Hill”, among other things. Being at Sovereign Hill, we also got to pan for GOLD. I, myself, found two pieces, some of my classmates were panning and they also found two pieces; even Ms. Leppin got in on the fun, finding a piece of gold! Overall, the SEAL trip to Sovereign Hill was a wonderful and fun time.

Daniel Loza

Year 8 SEAL Student