April 6, 2022

Year 9 Advance Pope’s Eye Snorkelling Trip

On 25 March our Year 9 Advance class went for a day out to Pope’s Eye for a snorkelling and swimming with the seals experience. We arrived at school to meet at the gym and caught the school bus. It was around a hour’s drive to get to Pope’s Eye and when we got there we had a break at the local park near the pier. After we ate, some instructors came over who were there for our snorkelling trip.


We put our wetsuits on, grabbed our snorkels and flippers and caught the boat to go to our first snorkelling location. Our first spot for snorkelling was an old look out from the Gold Rush campaign which was a blue stone structure with a curved rail of rocks. We saw some astonishing birds all around the rocks and a baby seal. We swam around a bit to get the gist of snorkelling and we all gazed at the beautiful fish and underwater plants.

After our swim around we got back on the boat and everyone was freezing! We still continued to our next location. This spot for snorkelling had a huge hut and there were seals everywhere. We couldn’t wait to get in the water and swim with the seals. We had to be a certain distance from the hut for safety reasons, but luckily the seals came to us. The seals got really close to all of us and were really playful.

After our swim in a big loop around the huge seal hut  we got back on the boat and returned to shore. When we got back from the boat we all took our wetsuits off and got ready for the bus. On the way back to school we stopped for lunch and all got some good food. After that we got back on the bus and went back to school after a big fun day of snorkelling. Thanks to Mr Evans for organising a great day.


Bailey Rolfe

Photo/Videos – Kash Vanderwyk

Year 9 Advance