March 30, 2022

Year 9 Advance Surf Camp

Bright and early we hopped on the bus all very excited for the trip ahead. When we arrived at the campground we set our tents up, organised all of our stuff and then got ready for our Split Point Lighthouse walk. After the walk we returned to the campground and got ready for surfing.


When we arrived at the destination for surfing we were given wetsuits to use for the time and also surfboards. After 2 hours of surfing we went back to the campsite and cooked dinner. After we finished cleaning all the trangias we went to on our night hike, Mr Evans told us a scary story about one of his trips and a ghost story too. Once we had finished the night hike we went back to the campsite and headed off to bed.


The second day started with a sleep in till 8 o’clock. For breakfast some people had Up&Gos and others had some cereal to start our day off. Later on we went to start our first activity – sea kayaking. When we arrived at Anglesea we put our life jackets and helmets on then went into our two seater kayaks.


After being out in the ocean for a short time we were able to catch waves into shore. A while later we finished our kayaking and had to do run swim runs. Then we headed out for lunch in the Anglesea shops. Around 2 pm we started our initiative course and did many fun team building activities, and a scavenger hunt to find the mystery box. After the initiative course was done we headed back to the campsite and cooked dinner. That night we walked down to the park and played a few games in the dark and had a lot of fun!

The third day, we had an early wake up and then headed off to do our run swim runs. Unfortunately  we didn’t have any wetsuits to wear so we had to go in the cold water while it was also raining. Not long after we finished the run swim runs we went back to the campsite and got dressed and packed up everything we brought to the camp and put our tents away.


As soon as everyone was done we left Lorne, half way through we stopped at the outlets and some people bought some things. And we stopped at KFC for lunch then started making our way back to Mordialloc College.


Elishka Collis and Hunter Mead 

Year 9 Advance