April 5, 2023

Year 9 Advance

Year 9 Advance Snorkelling at Pope’s Eye, Portsea

Wowee what a great time we had on our Advance Snorkelling excursion to Pope’s Eye and then swimming with the seals at the Chinaman’s Hat. It sure was amazing.

We got to go out and have a look at the amazing giant birds. They basically had a whole island to themselves, then, looking at all the fish and sea life under the water. Everyone was showing everyone else how far they could dive down when we were snorkelling.

We then got back on the boat and we were off to have a look at the seals, which was pretty sick. They were all so fat and they were on this massive dock which they were fighting on and would jump off. We would swim around and spin around in the water, do somersaults, then the seals would copy what we were doing.

We then got back on the boat and headed back to Portsea pier. Then we got changed and we were on our way back, with a quick stop off for lunch. All and all it was a great day.

Thanks to Miss Cameron and Mr Evans for organising the day.



Baz Weller

Year 9

Year 9 Advance Surf Camp

Last week the Advance class took a trip to Lorne for camp, we had an amazing time and bonded as a group. On the first day that we arrived in Lorne we set up camp, which included our tents, then we got ready for surfing. Everyone caught lots of waves and we all improved, we went back to the camp site and started to make dinner, everyone struggled using the trangia for the first time.

After our homemade dinner we went for a nice night hike, we walked to the top of the hill and Mr Evans told us some scary ghost stories. We then went back to camp for our first night in the tents.

On the second day we went down to Anglesea to participate in the initiative course where we were split into two groups and had to complete a bunch of different activities as a team to try and beat the other group. During this time we built stronger teamwork and communication as a group as well as bonding all together.

After that we ventured down to the Anglesea shops where we bought some lunch and presents for Mr Evans. We then went down to Anglesea main beach where we did sea kayaking. This activity was quite challenging for some but we all made it to the main beach where we caught waves into shore. Once we were at shore the teachers made us do some run swim runs while we waited for the bus to come.

On our way home we made a small detour and went and saw the round the twist lighthouse where there were some incredible views and beautiful photos. After dinner we went for a walk down to the local park where we played lots of games.

On the last morning we woke bright and early to go down to Lorne beach and do all the run swim runs we tallied, Mr Evans was feeling nice so we only ended up doing two. We then rushed back and packed up camp so we could hit the road and head to the Torquay outlets. Once we arrived, we shopped for a bit and then headed back to school.

Overall, this camp was very fun and we made some awesome memories, friends and new experiences. We would like to thank Miss Duggan, and Miss Scurrah for coming on the camp and Mr Evans for organising it.


Tayla Gibbons and Verity Wilson