June 22, 2018

Year 9 Mentor Careers Incursion

On Wednesday 6 June, our Year 9 students participated in workshops regarding various careers during their Mentor session. Students could choose from careers in construction, IT, physiotherapy, personal training and exercise physiology, hairdressing, property management, business and outdoor recreation. We even had a few teachers who presented about their previous careers! Many students elected to hear two industry professionals speak and the response was resoundingly positive. Students found the sessions both informative and inspiring, with many commenting on how much they enjoyed the sessions. We look forward to continuing and expanding this initiative in future.

Here are some comments from students who attended the session;

‘It was very interesting to find out about the builder because a lot of what he said surprised me.’

‘I enjoyed hearing about careers in Outdoor Education- especially when he spoke about Camp America’

Sally Mitchell

Director of Student Engagement