September 6, 2019


The Education Department has engaged the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV), which will be working with Career Analysts Pty Ltd, to deliver the professional career planning service for all Year 9 students in Victorian government schools.

All Year 9 students took part in the Morrisby Online career diagnostic assessment on Tuesday 3 August. This took approximately two hours. Following the assessment, both students and their parents will be encouraged to consider the information, which will be available from Thursday, and answer some questions in preparation for a 1:1 career counselling session to be held in Term 4. This will be conducted by a qualified, external career practitioner, and will be carried out during school hours and on school premises. The discussions will include short-term specific subject choices as well as training, higher education and employment pathways and options.

Written interview notes summarising the counselling session and any action points will be provided to the school.  The outcome of this process will be to improve the quality and understanding of pathways for Year 9 students.

Well done to all the Year 9 students for their participation and we look forward to students being able to select relevant future pathways based on the advice given.

Bryony Lowe

Instructional Coach and Learning Specialist