April 4, 2019

Year 9 Outdoor Education Hike

On Tuesday 26 March the Year 9 Outdoor Education class went to Werribee Gorge to hike the 8km Centenary track. The aim of the day hike was to use our newly learnt mapping skills to navigate our way through the bottom of the gorge to the peak. We travelled through the bush.  Our only guides were the maps Mr Wischusen had printed and the confusing tracks, which became hard to follow. We reached Junction Pool, where we ate a snack before we continued. By this time it was getting hot—especially with the sun shining down on us.

What we faced next was the hardest part of the hike.  Most of the track was very steep and our class needed several drinking stops to catch our breath. However, the view we saw from the top was 100% worth it. Even with our collapsing legs we could still appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and, after a few pictures, we were on our way back down the mountain. Again, we stopped at Junction Pool and ate lunch near the picturesque waterfall. Overall the walk was amazing and we got to have a fantastic experience! Even with exhausted legs, we all had smiles as we got onto the bus.



Emma Schultz

Year 9 Outdoor Education Student